From soloqueue hero to progamer

our project:


"We want to find 6 dedicated players that have a dream of making it in the progaming scene. We want to give those players everything they need to be able to chase their dream. We will give them time to develop and professional coaching on their road to succes."

What do we offer:


- one year contract

- a salary depending on the succes of this project

- professional coaching

- experience from progamers

- an awesome community/family to work in

- professional gaming gear

- Time to develop as a team at

We are looking for people and companies that share the same passion as us about esports. We want to embrace talent and give them the time and chance to grow.

how can you apply?

- You must be from europe

- you must be at least in diamond ( soloqueue )

- You must have the right motivation and mindset

- You must be able to work in a team

- you must be at least 16 years old


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