Absolute Masters open qualifier #1 and important info

I want to start this off by giving a huge thanks to the people working on this;

Tenzay, ButterMeUP, Saix, Nerfix, Rootz, Dreamy and Kinghawk lets face it without hard working staff none of this is even possible.

We have a donation goal and accept donations:

As you can see the name changed to ABSOLUTE MASTERS. Since we announced everything before the riot guidelines we had some talks with them and decided to change our name from Absolute Pro League to ABSOLUTE MASTERS.

The first qualifier will be going live today!

Check-in for the qualifiers start 25.4 16.00 cet to 17.30 cet teams that dont checkin will be replaced by teams from waiting list. For check-in you just have to write your team name and ready in the check-in channel under Valorant on discord.

The final matches for the qualifier will be played on Sunday 26-04-2020 in a BO3 format.

We have 2 open qualifiers, one starting today and another starting on 02.05. From each qualifier 4 teams will advance to the ABSOLUTE MASTERS starting on 12.05.

All information about teams and stats: HERE <-> CHECK THIS OUT

Credit for this spreadsheet goes to: @Nerfox and @Saix

More info about the invited teams and spots here

Main stream:

Second stream:

French stream:

Russian stream:

Updates: -


Bracket for the tournament: Here

A quick reminder:

- The winning team must post their screenshot of the result in the tournament-results channel on discord

- Teams must contact eachother and start their games in time ( no longer then 15 minuts after tournament launch )

- When we want to stream your game it will be possible you have to wait until our caster is done ( ButterMeUp on discord )

If you have any tips or feedback you can email that to to improve the quality of our Aboslute Masters. We want to create something that lasts in Valorant together with the community. You can always talk to us on Discord also if you prefer.

Thanks to all teams and staff making this an overwhelming succes!

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