Absolute Pro League for Valorant

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We are hosting a professional league for riot's new game Valorant! This league will host 20 teams battling it out through 4 groups. The first and second of each group will then move on to the final bracket.

How to get into this league? We will host a few open tournaments for anyone to subscribe to ( see info below where to register ). The team taking first place will be qualified for the Absolute Pro League. There will be also some invites that we will announce later on our website and social medias:

There will be 3.000€ up for grabs that will be split between first, second and 3rd. We will also be accepting donations and we have a donation goal of 100.000€. With this, we want to provide a league created by the community and give some cash to teams putting their all into this game but don't have the financial support to become a progamer. The 100.000€ ( or whatever amount we reach ) will be split % wise between all qualified teams.

1st place 1.500€

2nd place 1.000€

3rd place 500€

You will be able to watch the games on our twitch channel:

You can sign up through our discord:

Application in Valorant channel: Tournament registration

Percentage splits of donations: 1. 25% 5. 5% 9 to 20: 1.25% 2. 20% 6. 5% 3. 10% 7. 5% 4. 10% 8. 5%

Happy fragging!

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