Open qualifiers for the Absolute Pro League

We will share some extra information on the details of the open qualifier here.

First qualifier ( everyone registered for the weekend of 25.04 ) will start at Saturday 25.04 at 18:00 CET. We opened the qualifier to more teams because of the overwhelming succes, we were full in 1 day! The final matches will be played on Sunday 26.04 at 16:00 CET.

Second qualifier ( everyone registered for the weekend of 02.05 ) will start also at Saturday 02.05 at 18.00 CET. The final matches will be played on Sunday 03.05 at 16:00 CET. This qualifier remains closed and for 64 teams.

To stay up to date on the latest changes you can follow the following social media link:

Our main stream channel:



Some rules and guide lines:

- All matches will be played in a BO1

- Not more then 5 subs per team

- Subs can only play for 1 team

- Everyone must start there matches in time

- All teams must check in on discord 1 hour prior to the tournament

- Teams not checking in will be replaced with teams from the waiting channel

- Teams who checked in on the waiting list will be chosen from first to last in that order

- You are allowed to stream matches in the qualifier but not if our main channel streams it

- When you stream a match you will need to put our logo and website link on the overlay

- All rosters must be final and checked in before Friday 17:00 CET - 24.04

For everyone not being able to enter the open tournaments or not qualifying no worries! We will expand the proleague further with relegation and promotion matches also. See this is a test run where we will with your feedback create something that everyone can enjoy watching or playing in.

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